Summer is almost here!

As a teacher full-time during the school year I usually start counting down the days to summer in later April. It's been one of those years. It has been a gift being able to teach art this year to all students grades K-8, and I have found a lot of joy in the midst of the chaos because of it. 

I'm hopeful that next year will bring new life into my teaching practice as well as my art practice. I'm so ready for the next step in my career as an educator, and I see my artwork and creative journey as a big part of that. 

Over the past year and a half I have had the immense privilege of working with an art therapist to guide me through the recovery of my artistic self. Art school damaged me in ways I was not expecting or prepared for, and where curiosity and creativity had always been second nature for me, after graduation I suddenly felt tapped. It's been pure joy and love for this part of the journey, and the rediscovery of my passion for making things.

Here's to a fruitful and productive summer! 🍉🍓🥑🌞


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